Praise for ‘Forgotten Revolution’

General readers, book reviewers, academic historians and other writers have all praised the Centenary Edition of ‘Forgotten Revolution The Limerick Soviet 1919’.

‘Congratulations on ‘Forgotten Revolution’. It is a great achievement and an important book.’ – Diarmaid Ferriter, Full Professor of Modern Irish History, University College Dublin.

‘A wonderful book’ – Myles Dungan, ‘The History Show’ RTÉ One

 ‘Marvellous book’ – Dr Emmet O’Connor, Ulster University

  ‘New, illustrated edition of this 1990 book about an obscure but important episode in Irish history, praised by ‘Books Ireland’ on its first outing. (‘A very readable narrative. Cahill looks as though he has produced a story that anyone could find interesting and the historians won’t sniff at’).  – ‘Books Ireland’

‘Very welcome, containing much new and original material’ – ‘History Ireland’

 ‘A great addition to other publications on Ireland’s revolutionary past, especially for topics outside Dublin’ – An Cosantóir’, The Defence Forces Magazine

‘Telling the forgotten story of the deep involvement of workers and their trade unions in the struggle for Irish Independence in the years 1916-21.’ – ‘Liberty’, SIPTU magazine

‘Liam Cahill’s narrative reads like a novel’ – ‘The Munster Express’

‘Considerable praise for its accessible, lively telling and meticulous research’ – ‘Irish Genealogy News’

‘Liam Cahill has examined the diverse forces acting on and reacting to the events in Limerick and has placed them in their wider national context. – Sinn Féin Bookshop

 I’m so pleased to hear that the book is doing so well – it really is a fantastic piece of work.’ – Local authority Librarian

‘Five chapters into it and loving it’. – John MacKenna (Author and Broadcaster)

‘Congratulations on that marvellous piece of history writing. It is so authentic, so well-researched, so knowledgeable, and so balanced. – Norman Freeman (Author)

‘Inspiring and thought provoking. This a fantastic book’. – Bernadette Phillips (Writer and video journalist)

‘Enjoying your book, …such detail’ – Billy Costine (Author)

‘Forgotten Revolution’ is ’eminently readable’ – Liffey Sound FM

Listen to an Online Talk on Limerick and Other Soviets in the Years 1919-23

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